Hair shedding common in women after Covid 19

Hair shedding common in women after Covid 19 | Elocationfinder


Hair shedding is common after suffering from Covid-19 and seen more in women as compared to men, as noted by beauty consultant and trainer Seema Soni in her free online webinar addressing beauty problems on Friday.

“People who recovered from Covid-19 are facing hair problems and often they see chunks of hair falling out,” Soni said. She added that the hair loss that’s seen following Covid-19 is consistent with a condition called telogen effluvium (TE).

“People with TE report hair loss that comes on suddenly. Hair typically falls out in large clumps, often while brushing or showering,” Soni said.

She explained that one of the potential triggers for TE is an acute illness with fever. “Stress is another potential trigger for TE, so one needs to de-stress and provide necessary nutrition to keep hair healthy,” Soni said.

Some women who raised their queries and discussed the issue were Anoushka Shukla, Sangeeta Laddha, Bindiya Sood and Preeti.

“Most people are facing the issue of hair shedding, but if we don’t ensure enough nutrition for our body, then it can be troublesome and I am glad to know what I can do to prevent hair shedding from becoming hair loss,” Shukla said.

“It is important to understand that stress not only affects our mental condition but affects our physical conditions even hair, and we should follow anyway to de-stress that works for us,” Sood said.

Tips to beat hair shedding after Covid-19

· Remember to wash your hair and use conditioner twice every week, this will ensure good mental health and physical health

· Keep your protein intake high

· Have proper sleep and proper diet

· Massage hair with oil for de-stress and nutrition

· Practise yoga, pranayama and breathing exercises

· Use hair masks for proper hydration

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