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My Location Right Now web tool known as eLocationFinder is built for both Mobile and Desktop/Laptop users. This tool will spot your current location and show it on Maps with the highest accuracy level.

Where Am I At? My Exact Location Right Now

If you are visiting this website from your mobile device then turn on your GPS in your smartphone and track your address or location on ‘eLocationFinder’ tool. If you are stuck anywhere and trying to search ‘my current location’, this tool is the best as it will give you an accurate location.

Where am I now? this is a very common search query used by people visiting new areas so as to know what’s their exact location. If you have come with the same query then you are on the correct page.

If you are a Desktop or laptop user then we will be showing you your current location using your nearest router or IP, which might result in a poor or nearly accurate position. Please Make sure you click to grant access to Allow (in Chrome), Share Location (in Firefox)

Where Am I Now? What city am I in?

We have introduced eLocationFinder.com, our current address tracker application will show you where exactly you are right now. We are a web browsing tool that will help you to find your current location using maps.

Have you ever experienced this? When you are at an unknown or new place and you just feel lost. Yes, we can understand how you feel that is the main motivation for us to design this app so that you never feel lost and always can find your way back home. We are a web tool that helps you in finding your current location using google maps. The only thing to do to use the “Where am I right now” tool is to turn on your GPS and allow us to access your location so as to show you your exact location.

All this information will be available to you in the Maps section above.

How to Know Your Current Location? What is My Address?

You would need to know the following information to know your current location. If you are searching the below queries when you’re lost, the best web application to search is the My Location Right Now app called eLocationFinder web tool as it will give you accurate results.

  • Latitude – What is my Latitude?
  • Longitude – What is my Longitude?
  • IP Address- What is my IP Address?
  • City – What city am I in?
  • Zipcode – What Zip Code am I in?
  • State – What state am I in?
  • Country – Which country am I in?

How to use Location Finder Tool? Where am I and Show my current location now

The method to use My Location Right Now web application is very simple and easy, just follow the below steps, and you will be able to see your current exact location on the map using the eLocationFinder tool.

  • Open eLocationFinder.com, and this web tool will automatically detect your location.
  • Please Make sure you click Allow (in Chrome), Share Location (in Firefox) & enable your GPS if using on a mobile device.
  • That’s it, now you let that tool do its work and wait for your current location on the google maps above.
what zip code am i in
what city am i in

How does My Location Right Now or eLocationFinder tool get the data?

Generally, the Where am I web tool uses W3C geolocation API, Google maps API, and HTML 5. It also requires the below features enabled in your mobile device or computer.

  • GPS – GPS (Global Positioning System) calculates the exact address from GPS Satellites to get the highest accuracy in location. If your mobile device is enabled with GPS and is set to a high-frequency mode setting, you are likely to get the accurate location details.
  • Mobile Network Location – If in case you do not have GPS in your device, Mobile Network Provider will fetch you with the location details.
  • IP Address – It will detect your nearest IP address. Based on the IP Address, the accuracy of getting the current location details to vary.

Conclusion | What is My address

“eLocationFinder” app is a free web tool to find out your current location using Maps. The main objective of the “Where am I Right Now” tool is to give you your current location and secure your data. You can also let us know if you want us to bring up any suggestions you want us to improve our web tool.

We update our Location finder web tool regularly to show My Location Right Now with the latest updates. We keep adding many interesting features like sharing your location with your friends or to find places near you and many more.


How do I find my exact address?

There are multiple ways to do this. By far the easiest way to find your exact address is by opening eLocationFinder.com and allowing our web tool to access your location and within seconds our tool will give you an output with an accurate map location, Latitude & Longitude with zip code and address.

How does Google know my exact location?

Even when your GPS and Wifi is turned off, Google can still find your location by using BSSID information from your WLAN Access Point to point out an approximate location of you.

What place am I now?

If you are not sure about your locality and are looking for some assistance with your current location then visit our homepage and allow our tool to access your location by clicking on the allow button. Within seconds our tool will show you the exact place you are currently at with its clear Zip code, Latitude, Longitude, Address, and IP address as well.

Why my location is not working?

This is a common problem faced by many users. Mostly there are only 2 reasons for this sort of error. One could be that you haven’t allowed our web tool to access your location due to which we are unable to fetch your location. Another reason could be that your device might have GPS turned off or the GPS hardware might have been missing or damaged.