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Show Me Gas Station Open Near Me In The Area

If you are looking to find the closest gas station near you then this webtool has got your back. We provide you with a simple yet effective fuel locator tool to help you find the open gas stations in the area of your choice. This tool can help you in normal and emergency conditions when you have no idea where the closes petrol/gas station is? We started this tool as a project for our university. Eventually, it started helping people and we decided to keep this tool alive and bring in consistent improvements to further help our users.

With the help of this 24-hour petrol station near me tool we are able to help people who are stuck on the roads or you forgot to fill up their fuel tank after their last trip. We’ve been in your shoes and that is how we understand what it feels like having an empty fuel tank in the middle of nowhere.

Our 24-hour petrol/diesel station near me map section shows you not only the gas station locations. You can even zoom in or out the map using your fingers and then tap on a specific fuel station location to see their work timings and contact info. It’s always better to call and confirm with the gas station before going there directly.


Why should I find a Gas station open near me 24 hours?

Let me ask you a question, Do you regularly monitor the fuel in your vehicle. With “regularly” I mean – every time you take a ride to your keep an eye on the fuel gauge on the dashboard? Probably not I assume.

This is what makes it important to keep a track and eye on the fuel on the vehicle if you don’t want to end up being stuck in the middle of nowhere at an hour when no one can come to your help so easily. Every driver has a different type of fuel filling routine. Some like to fill it up before every trip, some at the end of a trip and some only go and fill up weekly. No matter what routine you follow but it is always good to no the nearest gas station near me. So that even though you end up having no fuel, you will have a backup, and eventually you won’t stress out.

How to Find a gas station near me open 24 hours

All you got to do is follow a simple three-step process you need to follow to locate the nearest fuel station based on your current location.

  • Visit our open gas station near me tool by visiting this URL –
  • Click allow for our tool to access your location on your mobile/computer.
  • That’s it. Now you can see the Gas station map section on this page and find all the nearest 24-hour petrol station near me.


How does the Gas station near me open web application get the data?

Our tool fetches most of its information using various technologies like W3C geolocation API, Google maps API, and HTML 5. However, to make this application work we require the following features/access enabled for us on your device.

  • GPS – GPS (Global Positioning System) calculates the exact address from GPS Satellites to get the highest accuracy in location. If your mobile device is enabled with GPS and is set to a high-frequency mode setting, you are likely to get the accurate gas station location details.
  • Mobile Network Location – If in case you do not have GPS in your device, Mobile Network Provider will fetch you with the location details.
  • IP Address – It will detect your nearest IP address. Based on the IP Address, the accuracy of getting the gas station open near me details to vary.


How can I find a 24-hour gas station open near me? This is the most common question that many people ask themselves and on Google when they urgently need to get gas late at night or early in the morning. However, you need not worry anymore as we’ve got your back with this application. We hope you found this tool helpful. Let us know what you think about it using our contact page. We would love to hear feedback and suggestions to make this application even better.

The website is not associated with any fuel company and cannot guarantee that you will find a gas station near you. With that said, we are doing our best to provide useful information and obviously, directions to the nearest gasoline station online based on your current location.

Till then keep smiling, keep driving!


How to find gas stations on the way?

You can easily find the nearest gas station open near you using our web tool based on your current location.

Can you get gas even if the gas station is closed?

In short it is safe to assume you won't find gas at a closed gas station. Most you could find would be residual fuel and nothing more. It is better to visit an active gas station in case of need for fuel.

Can Google maps show gas stations?

Yes, Google and even our Fuel locator map can show you the nearest gas station open near me.

Where is the nearest gas station near me open 24 hours?

Check the Gas station map below to see the nearest 24-hours open gas station near me. Click here now